IE United vs. SB County BOS

We're telling the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to stop their backroom deals and have a fair, open, and legal process to appoint the next Third District Supervisor!

Read and sign our petition below:

Supervisor Robert Lovingood, First District, Chair of the Board

Supervisor Curt Hagman, Fourth District, Vice-Chair

Supervisor Janice Rutherford, Second District

Supervisor Josie Gonzales, Fifth District

We are disappointed with your rushed, underhanded, and irresponsible appointment of Dawn Roe to fill the Third District Supervisorial vacancy caused by the resignation of Assemblymember James Ramos.

Despite public records requests, letters from the public, and demands to expand the process, you sorted through applications behind closed doors, with no public discussion of how you selected your nominations - all of whom were white and a majority of whom were Republican, despite the broad ethnic and partisan diversity of the district and the applicant pool.

When confronted by residents, instead of restarting the process to make it fair and transparent, you agreed to randomly select your top choices (again, without any discussion of how they became your top choices) and interview applicants if they happened to be in the audience. One of you even suggested "drawing names out of a hat."

It's clear that your appointment of Dawn Rowe is ill-advised, illegitimate, and possibly even illegal.

The Third District deserves better.

San Bernardino County deserves better.

Unseat Dawn Rowe and restart the appointment process now.

Stop The Backroom Deals; We Want A Fair Appointment!

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