IE United was created with the intention to restructure leadership and culture in the Inland Empire to more accurately represent the identities and progressive values of the residents. We aim to do this by building coalitions of grassroots, labor, and community leaders that are committed to transforming our local communities. We have a record of identifying corrupt policies and ineffective leaders that have sold out our communities for too long. We will directly challenge these leaders, remove them from office, and replace them with people who better reflect our values and priorities.

Our coalition is made up of community leaders and organizations committed to affecting transformational change in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. We believe this sort of change can only be effective if it is intersectional and inclusive by nature. Each of our policy platforms were drafted to ensure racial, gender, and LGBTQ equity are core to the agenda. We welcome you to click on any of the following pieces of our platform to learn what our partners are doing to advance that vision.   

  • Implement a living wage for all occupations 
  • Diversify our job market
  • Minimize reliance on major corporations 
  • Reform our election laws to ensure fair and secure elections 
  • Ensure our representatives reflect the needs and experiences of the community 
  • Replace officials who act in opposition to our community platform
  • Transition our system to 100% renewable energy 
  • Reduce emissions and ensure clean air in every city of the two counties 
  • Establish Community Benefits Agreements with all cities
  • Shut down all detention centers 
  • Abolish ICE
  • Expand healthcare coverage to include undocumented immigrants 
  • Abolish the death penalty and Life without Parole sentences
  • Invest in community based Alternatives to Incarceration and Restorative Justice solutions
  • Decriminalize poverty 
  • Increase Prevention and Reentry services to decarcerate at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Apply a public health lens to Public Safety 
  • Ensure all residents in the Inland Empire have access to quality, affordable healthcare 
  • Ensure everyone has access to free COVID-19 testing and treatment
  • Protect reproductive and sexual healthcare 
  • Remove police from k-12 school campuses 
  • Transition from punitive school disciplinary practices to preventative practices
  • Ensure students receive comprehensive sex education 
  • Expand affordable housing options  for people with criminal conviction histories
  • Enact rent control and strong eviction protections
  • Redefine Crime Free Housing so that irrevocable past convictions do no pose barriers to housing
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